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Time for a new job or do you want to find new customers?

IMG_7204-EditLinkedIn is the tool that most employers use to find their future recruits. In May 2014 there were 300 million profiles registered. How can you stand out from the crowd?

A profile is 14 times more likely to be viewed by having a profile picture

The default silhouette just doesn’t attract employers to look at your page. Customers want to know who the person is that they are going to meet.

“It’s a hugely powerful branding tool – and you have to be very strategic about building it” – Nicole Williams, Connection Director for LinkedIn

Your profile tells the world who you are. your profile picture should project this to your future employer and your customers. If you want to be perceived as professional you have to look the part.

IMG_1250An investment in your career

As a professional photographer, I am able to capture the image that can help find you a new job or impress your potential customers. There’s no need spending time travelling to a studio – I can come to you and get the kind of images that will get you noticed. I use high end lighting and camera equipment and then optimise the photographs so that they look great on all social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + and Facebook.

Contact me today to arrange a session

Contact me to arrange a session



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Night in the Garden

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh are hosting an outdoor lighting experience in association with Scottish light artist Malcolm Innes and his colleague Euan Winton. The artists’ vision means that night-time visitors will be able to make their way through a one kilometre route full of light and shadow and experience the Botanics in an entirely new manner, with interactive stations and a few unexpected surprises along the way. You can book tickets to the event on the RBGE Website and the event runs from 30th October to 23rd November.

Photographers are welcome to the event but none of the pictures can be used for commercial use. I am really looking forward to seeing the different interpretations from all the visiting snappers, I think it’s amazing how people can go to the same scene and get a totally different perspective. Keep your eyes on this page as I am going to launch something early next year that will give all us photo people a regular chance to share our perspectives and also learn from each other at the same time – it’s going to be really exciting!

If you are going to see Night in the Garden then you may want to click away from the slideshow so it doesn’t spoil the event.

Night in the GardenNight in the GardenNight in the GardenNight in the GardenNight in the GardenNight in the GardenNight in the GardenNight in the GardenNight in the Garden



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