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A mystery solved

Who is the mystery artist?Just outside the centre of Edinburgh is a beautiful place called Dean Village. The Water of Leith flows through this small area which is lined by picturesque buildings that were built in the area toward the end of the nineteenth century. However, in the last week or so the river has had some new and interesting additions made to it that have stirred interest in both locals and visitors to the area. About a week or so ago two structures made of rocks balanced on top of each other appeared by the walkway that crosses the Water of Leith, then by the end of the week many more had appeared with the complexity of the balances becoming more and more impressive. I couldn’t help but take a photo of them which was shared on Facebook with a plea to find who the artist was that was constructing these gravity defying towers and since then nearly 100,000 people have viewed the image and over 3,000 people have clicked the Like button but despite a few snaps of the mystery builder, his identity was unknown.

Walking through Dean Village this evening the mystery man was stood in the river building yet more of these wonderful stacks and watched on in awe by countless passers-by. The man himself is Nick Hortin who lives in Dean Village and started to build the stone stacks after seeing a video on YouTube and thinking that it would be something that he would like to teach himself to do. He’s been building them up and down the Water of Leith over the last few months and loves that the process allows him to take his mind off day to day things and concentrating on finding the natural balance point of the rocks as they are stacked on each other.

If you get a chance to see Nick in action whilst passing the Water of Leith stand and watch the immense skill and patience he displays finding the right shaped rock and then balancing it, almost like magic, onto the rock below.

Thanks Nick for your chat this evening and for making a wonderful talking piece in an already fantastic location!

RDP_20150608_dean village stones__MG_5112RDP_20150608_dean village stones__MG_5075RDP_20150608_dean village stones__MG_5133

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Learning new skills

Composite image featuring Georgina BowAs a photographer you can’t stand still and think that the work you produce today is going to be able to keep you in business for life so you always need to look at ways that you can re-invent yourself (thanks to Joel Grimes for reminding me of that!). As a result of watching a workshop on commercial photography I was inspired to trying a different approaching to producing an image and used a different lighting set-up using three lights in the studio and combining this with a compositing technique in Photoshop which takes the studio image and applies it to a scene taken months before and (hopefully) blends them together so it looks like they were taken at the same time. This is a really great method of producing striking images that can be used for advertising products. This is my first attempt and I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the end result. Over the coming weeks I’ll be producing more of these so that it is another offering I can provide to my customers when they are looking for someone to help improve their brand.



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