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When I am running my photography workshops I like to be able to share the locations we use with the groups so that if they are ever in the area again they can easily find the place where we shot, however, as I use the Canon 5D MkIII which doesn’t have a built in GPS function there were two options, either manually find the approximate location in Lightroom to geo-tag the images or alternatively pay a pile of money for a GPS receiver to add onto the camera. Speaking with another photographer recently, he suggested a great alternative which is an app that is available for iOS and Android operating systems called Geo Tag Pro which costs a bargain £2.99 and automates the process using the technology that sits in your pocket and a smart feature in Lightroom Maps.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 09.45.26When you download the app, you first need to ensure that the time on your camera and the time on the app are aligned. Once out in the field and you are about to start shooting, switch on recording and it will autolog your GPS position at user-definable intervals (I have it set for every two minutes or when I have moved 50 meters). The app designers have recognised that using GPS usually wears down you battery so they have put in some clever tech to reduce the amount of charge being taken by only switching on GPS tracking when it is actually tracking your movement rather than being always on. Once you have finished the shoot you then have a number of options to retrieve the data – automatically download it to a Dropbox folder; automatically send it to the server at Geo Tag Pro where you can then download it once you get back home; or e-mail it to yourself. All three options create a GPX file which you can then import into Lightroom and with a couple of clicks join together the data with the images you took. In Lightroom, click on Map/Tracklog/Load Track Log and then once that has been done go to Maps/Tracklog/Auto-Tag Photos and then as if by magic everyone of your images will be matched to your GPS position at the time it was taken.

This is going to be a great addition to future workshops so I can produce a personalised map of the route for each event. If you are interested in attending any of my workshops, including the fantastic Iceland Lights and Landscape tour in October then please go to

The Old Pier at North Berwick


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